Rainbow Rhyme Crime

9:06 AM

Hi everyone!
Happy mothers day to all lovely little mothers!!
Today , I felt like writing a poem that is full of rhymes!
So , here it is....

Violet first on the list
Tried and tried her best..
But couldnt reach the rainbow,
She got tired and went to rest!

Indigo was next
She thought she was the best!
She didn't find the treasure either
So she went back to her nest!

You are really lucky
Oh lovely little blue!
She circled with her blue light....
And coloured the sky too!

Green , Green
Went tidy clean
And searched everywhere
But couldnt find the treasure anywhere

Yellow, Yellow
Dirty fellow
Simply resting on the pillow!
You'll never find the treasure
You lazy old buffalo!

Orange , Orange
Where were you ?
Have you already given up ?
Oh! Not you too!

Last on the list is red
She got up late from bed
"You are late" , mother rainbow said...
She looked in every nook and corner!
But she had also failed
In finding the mysterious treasure
At the end of the rainbow!!

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