The Three 'D's

8:26 PM

Hmmmm ... what comes to your mind as soon as you say 3'D'?? Of course the Three Dimensions... and all  those types of movies.....  But have you ever wondered about the three dimensions of "LIFE"???

Try and try and try
As hard as you can,
To reach your destiny
Only "DETERMINATION" helps man...

Travel in the smallest boat,
Across the vast ocean
Keep fixed on your "DECISION" , although sometimes it may sink,
But God will help you swim....

Keep rowing in your boat
Across the sea of risks and trouble
May you win in your life...
May you reach your destiny....

Whatever you do , Dont forget the 3D's ....
The Correct "Decision" .. and true "Determination"
Will help you reach your "DESTINATION".....

Hope you all liked it

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