The Mystery of the Missing Hat

12:29 PM

Once upon a time, Bella the liitle girl had a magic Hat.
It was given to her by Wizard Weisz. She had been a good little girl the whole year, and it so happened that the famous Wizard Weisz gave her the magic hat one night.

She was the most intelligent super genius of her class.She used to take the hat everyday to school to perform her tricks.Now one evening her parents decided to change her school.Of Course she hated that idea but she didn't want to make her parents unhappy so she kept her sadness a secret.

The new school was great . She made a lot of new friends.One Monday, she took her magic hat with her to school.The teacher loved the trick. Everyone cheered for her.Now there was this bully at school . Her name was Aleena.And Bella's best friend was Amy. Amy was very nice to her .They became great friends. One day Bella took her hat to school. But when she was about to perform her trick,...the hat disappeared!

Everyone blamed on Aleena for stealing the Magic Hat. But poor Aleena pleaded that she did not steal the hat. At last, Bella got an idea. She dressed as a detective and started searching for the clues.
She found her first clue. There was a small notice which said, " I am the theif , who stole your hat. But you'll never find me." She took the clue and scanned it with her magnifying glass.

It was Aleena's handwriting! But she kept searching for another clue. She found some muddy footprints in the classroom . These footprints and Aleena's were the same!
She even found a small decoration of her hat on the footprint . But she was even more patient.

She followed the footprints and it lead her to a room where the class teacher had said not to go. So she kept a trap outside the door. So as soon as she heard the sound of the door opening she cut the rope. And the net fell on two people.She shouted as loudly as she could , and all her classmates and the teacher came running. She took off the net and found Aleena and her best friend Amy. Since there were two suspects she took both of them to the classroom.

She showed the clues to everyone. Since the footprints and the handwriting was Aleena's everyone identified her as the culprit. But to their surprise, Bella said that her best friend Amy was the culprit. Amy cried , "Bella, How could you do this to your own friend ! I was not the culprit..!".

Bella said that the handwriting was of Aleena's, but actually Amy was trying to copy Aleena's handwriting because Amy was the only one in class who used an ink pen. Now, the footprints were Aleena's but Amy was the only one who knew that magical decorations stick to nothing but to a mixture of mud and honey...! And when Bella looked at Amy's hand she found a small blade of grass and some mud stuck in her nails. Her hand also smelled like honey.

Amy took a blade of grass and and dipped it in some mud and honey and pasted it on Aleena's shoes when she had removed it and gone to dance. Everyone agreed now, that Amy was the real culprit. Bella got back her hat and even a trophy for being a great detective. Whereas Amy was punished with a Level 6 Detention, for being dishonest. Aleena also thanked Bella for saving her from being a culprit and she was no longer a bully.
So friends , I hope you liked my story.......!

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