When Loneliness Overcomes.,....

12:32 PM

Hello again friends!
Here 's a new poem!
Its on an emotion -- LONELINESS
And our sudden feelings..........

From somewhere I heard
The jingles of bangles .....
From somewhere I heard
The sound of anklets....

I followed her through
The dense forest
Through shrubs , bushes , and trees
Mountains and valleys....

She never looked behind
But kept on running
Until she reached
The steepest edge of a mountain

She Looked down for a few minutes
And said her quick prayers
Then with a look of sadness
She jumped down and down

At that very moment an elderly looking man appeared
And cried " Mary , NO , DONT DO IT"
But he was too late
Mary had jumped down

He too sat down
On the same mountain
And sang a solitary song
And jumped down saying

"Mary , My daughter
Just don't worry
I am coming too
Only for you..........."

Hope you liked it!

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