The Past And The Present

9:09 AM

I'm back again!

The moonlight shone a pale white
Guides us to the path which is right
The sky was filled with stars
Looked like heaven in the dark blue night

How calm and beautiful!
But how very lonely.....
It was really peaceful
Not a single voice

I moved to the beach
And sat on the shore
I stared at the sea
The ocean I always adore

Sitting on the sea side sand
With sea shells all around me
Chatting with the nocturnal creatures
I didn't feel lonely.....

The angry roar of
The lashing waves
Sounded like poor people
Beaten with whips

"Money is the root of all evil"
I heard the thunder say
Its worse than the devil
Its really true today

When newspapers are filled
With criminals and crimes
The world has really changed
Much more than olden times

Now there was the lightning
Flashing with anger
"Why is it there, in this world
So much thirst and hunger?"

The waves suddenly ran out of temper
And said with an accent of danger
" Why is there poverty
Can't people share their property?"

The clouds began to cry
In the form of rain
"Why are there still slaves?
Freedom - cant they ever gain?"

Suddenly it flashed into my mind
That the peaceful quiet time
Resembled the days of yore
And the noisy atmosphere
Played the role of today
When crimes and criminals increase
Charity and kindness decrease
"O Lord ! Shower thy blessings on us"!!

Hope you like it!

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