My favourite cartoon character

8:06 PM

Hello dear friends,
My exams are over and I believe I have done well....
Well, Here I have written a creative writing .. or my opinion about my favourite cartoon character!!!

Cartoons are everyone's favourites....We all sit in front of the television watching cartoons from morning to night....Well, sometimes even adults can't resist watching them..!
Cartoons are humorous and impossible without funny characters ! We all have a favourite character . Mine is "Velma" from the cartoon "Scooby - Doo" .

Scooby Doo is a cartoon on Detectives. {Thats why I love it..!!}
Its a group of four teenagers and one dog and as always ,trouble seems to get them first.
Thus, they always have a mystery on their hands.. My favourite is Velma because she is very intelligent and good at solving mysteries..... She has simple solutions for complicated problems!
She can't see without her glasses. { Lucky , I don't have them} I really want to be like her.
She loves everything about space...Me too! I want to be a scientist , though . She's the best detective , I ' ve ever seen.

I guess you must have a favourite cartoon character too! Definitely , cartoons are enthusiastic!
If you love mysteries she must be your favourite too! Please do post a comment and tell me who's your favourite character!

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