The Greedy Goblin

9:01 PM

I told you that I love Little Folk stories ....
Here's one for you too!

Once upon a time there was a little Elf named Diggory. He had a magic ring. Whenever he wore it , he was invisible. Once he lost his ring , as he went swimming in a nearby pool. A fish found it and never thought that it was a magic ring! The fish , Polly gave it to her friend as a birthday gift... Now his friend Molly had to attend a wedding anniversary of Mr. Dick and Mrs. Dick .

Molly gave the ring to Mrs. Dick as a gift. Billy , the silly Goblin , at once thought of stealing the ring.. His plan worked out , nicely... He knew it was an invisibility ring . Now, he had a spell book which had the most rare spells. The most powerful spell of all was to make him the most powerful person in the world.

He began to prepare the spell... It took hours .... Finally after preparing the spell he came to know that the spell will only work at 5 : 00 in the morning.. And that the night before the day when the spell will work , he had to wear the ring all night and sleep . He asked his servant Gobo to wake him up the following day at 5 in the morning . Billy went to sleep .... He woke up after a long time , but his servant was not there...!!Everyone seemed to be different!
The Question is What happened all this time..??

Answer:- He was so excited that he forgot to do one step! He forgot to dip the ring in the magic potion that night and then wore it. Because the ring was an invisibility ring , the servant couldn't see wheere his master was sleeping! And if the ring was not dipped in the potion then the person will only wake up after a hundred years and will soon lose everything!

Moral : - Now you see all this much chaos caused because of missing one step in the spell book!
Or mainly because of being so greedy to steal a magic ring ! What do you think?

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