6:58 AM

Hello friends,
I ' ve been tagged by one of my best friends....

It is on writing about :-

7 of your greatest aims in life:-
1-To be an astronaut..

2- To be a scientist..
3-To write and publish some novels
4-To write and publish a book of creativity and some books of poetry...
5-To be most helpful to my parents...
6-To be helpful to poor, to go for pilgrimage etc.
7-To go to heaven...

2-7 Favourite authors:-
1- Enid Blyton
2-J.K .Rowling
3-Charles Dickens
5- Jules Verne
6-R.L. Stine
7-Lewis Caroll

3- Favourite books:-
1-Harry Potter
2-Enid Blyton's books
3-Journey to the center of the earth
5-Tale of the 2 cities
6- Oliver Twist
7-Treasure Island

1 favourite cook- My Mother!!

I wish to tag Meghna....

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