The Cycle of Seasons

12:20 PM

The Four Seasons really attract me!
Summer , Winter , Autumn , and Spring!!
So here is a poem about them!

The monster of hot summer...
Its Orange Yellow in colour
Its Hairy huge fur throws
Stokes of heat forever

The vampire bat of autumn
Sends lot of wind to the bottom
Causing all the leaves to fall
Making all the trees stand tall

The ghost of winter
Makes ice out of water
Turning sand into snow
Sled racing --- There you go!

And last comes the Spirit of Spring
With the fragrance of flowers blossoming
The Cycle of Seasons go around
Round and round and all about!!

P.S. -- You know what? I told you" THE FOUR SEASONS REALLY ATTRACT ME!" Even the blog-- attracts me very much!

You should just check it out! The photos look so cool!!

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