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I would like to tell you a story I wrote , when I was in 2nd Std.
I'm a good fan of Enid Blyton and J.K.Rowling....!
And both of them really love to write stories on fairies and pixies and magic......
So in 2nd std. I decided to write a short story on fairies....!


One day, Fairy Rose asked Sunshine , "When was Fairyland Birthday..?" Since Sunshine didn't know , both of them asked Daffodil . She replied "If none of you know when the birthday party was , why don't we create one?" "Oh! my , that's a brilliant idea..!!" , replied Rainbow, the wisest fairy. Everyone agreed.

So , they built a big castle. Fairy Rose cleaned it and spread a path of Rose petals in the garden.
Fairy Sunshine , painted it and gave it brightness . Fairy Dandelion positioned all the pretty furniture. Fairy Jasmine accompanied by Milly Moose, decorated the castle and she also gave it a good fragrance .

Fairy Moonbeam along with Simple Swan made the cake and all the other food items, like pudding , chocolates , etc. Fairy Rainbow and Sally Swallow wrote the invitations and decorated them. Harry horse carried all the gifts for the children to the castle , as he was instructed by the Farm Fairy.

And Fairy Daffodil went to deliver the invitations to all the good children in the world. Since she had a bad cold she took her hankerchief with her. At last the day came. It was conducted on a Saturday. Everyone put on their best clothes for the party. They waited outside to meet the children. ...!

They waited and waited . It was evening . What could be wrong? Why the children were not coming . They waited till midnight. And then everyone gave up. They went back to the Magic Kingdom . Got into their beds and was fast asleep. Except for Fairy Daffodil .

It was her idea after all. And she went to deliver the letters. It was very cold in Fairyland at night . So Daffodil went to take her coat. And then she felt something . The letters were still in her right side pocket !!!

She delivered her hankerchief!!! She apologised to all the other fairies . And with a bit of fairy dust everything was back to normal in a second..!!! And what a party it was!!

Ah ! Ah ! Ah! The story is not over yet! The next day Pixie Postman knocked on the door of the Fairy kingdom . Daffodil opened the door . He asked " Are you Daffodil ?" She said " Yes".
Pixie said " Somebody sent this hankerchief as a parcel to you . There was your name written on it . And you are the only one known as DAFFODIL in the kingdom. Good bye ! "

After the postman went there was a roar of laugher behind the door . And I know why . Don't you?

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