Sushmita's Simple Solution........

8:50 PM

It was a boring evening, when Sushmita was walking down the old alley way....
On the way, she saw Mrs. Smitha , a good friend of her mother's.
" Hi Sushmita.... Where are you going?" she asked. I replied, " Home , Aunty..."
Though she spoke gently to her , Sushmita felt that she was a bit angry.
She enquired , " Aunty, you seem a bit angry today." She replied ..
" Ya , You are right my dear........ My favourite and most beautiful window of my house was broken. I went to my neighbour Mrs. John's house
and when I came it was broken...!!

" Someone seemed to have thrown a stone on it. And its the only one that was made of silver glass bought from Singapore...." . " I see how you feel , Mam " Sushmita said .
" Mam, do you suspect anyone? " she said. " Ya, You know that naughty little boy living in the next street ? That , Raman . That naughty little fellow...... I had an arguement with him today morning because he jumped on all the beautiful roses in my garden and spoilt them.
I complaint to his mom too. I think he wanted revenge.. "

"I'll see what I can do , Mam " Sushmita replied . She went over to Raman"s house.
And asked him " Did you break Mrs. Smith's window? "
He answered " No ways. Why would I want her dumb old silver glass window?"
Sushmita understood that he was the one who broke Mrs. Smitha "s window.

Solution:~ Before Sushmita had not mentioned SILVER GLASS WINDOW.
And Raman knew that it was a silver glass window because he was the one who broke it.
And no one else passed by the window at noon time { When it was broken }

Hope you liked Sushmita's simple solution ...............

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