Alien Invasion

7:39 PM

Hi Friends,
I love everything in space.
The galaxies , the cosmos, the constellations etc.

Life on Mars:-

Yesterday , I heard from my friends that aliens are living in space....!!
I didn't believe them, so I did research on the computer about life on mars.
I saw the photo ...!!!! Aah!!
But I still don't believe it...
It could be some of nature's tricks played on us...
My ambition is to be a space scientist or astronaut!
And I believe everything about space ! Except for this ....!

I tried to get rid of that picture from my mind....
When I fell asleep some aliens invaded my dream too!!!
I could describe it to you in the form of a short poem.........

Alien Invasion

Their spaceship was metallic golden
With yellow windows.....
Some of them were wearing green gowns,
The others were in purple tuxedos......

They spoke a different language
Which I did not understand.....
They came to my backyard
And made castles out of sand!!

They gave me a transalator
To understand their language....
Even a teleporter
To transport their luggage...

Their land must be made of
Technology, I guess........
There might be robots to
clean up every mess..!!

They promised that they might send me something technological from Mars!
And I promise to show it to you soon!!

"Akobyeyooo . seeyasoonai "
"Us not forgetto aboot technoloogycalo thingabob ya needa...!!

These were there last words to me :~

" Good bye .See u soon"
" We won't forget about the technological thing u needed..!!

I'd like to know ur ambition too!
Post a comment to tell me!!

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