The Case of the Missing pen!

3:47 PM

Friends, here is a mysterious mystery!

Once upon a time there was a very valuable pen that belonged to Radhika . Once she invited Shazia, Haritha and Shafa to her house.
Now, Radhika had a beautiful house and her friends admired it. Radhika was proud of
her valuable pen. She bragged about it and showed it to her friends.
" My mother bought this for me ! Doesn't it look wonderful!"
Shazia , Haritha and Shafa gazed at it.

Shazia was a kind ,humorous , innocent little girl. Haritha was a generous curious strong girl.
Shafa was an avid reader and writer who loved solving mysteries.
That evening after Radhika's friends went home she foud that her valuable pen was missing!
She searched her whole house three times and still couldn't find it.
She called Shafa and asked her to solve this problem.

Radhika and Shafa together gathered all the clues and found that all clues match Shazia.
When they told about this to Shazia she swore that it was not her who stole it.
But who would listen? Finally, after Haritha and Radhika left, Shafa consoled Shazia and said ,
"Don't worry ,I know it was not you who took it. I have a secret plan . I'l find out the criminal on next Sunday." They went home . When it was Sunday , they gatherd together again to find out the thief.

Shafa said, " All of you follow me , I found the thief. When Haritha , Radhika and I went out for a few moments , Shazia opened the box only to look at it . Not to steal it. Right Shazia?" She nodded her head . Shafa continued, " When Shazia heard us returning and calling at her door ,
she left the box open and forgot to close it. Radhika's pet kitten Sweetie ran across the room and tipped the box . Then pen fell out of the window and laded on the hill slope. Did you look over there radhika? " Shafa asked. And she ran to the slopes to see it. And there it was shimmering in the sunlight.

They all thanked Shafa for solving it. And apologised to Shazia for accusing her when she was innocent.

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