New Section.....Old Friends

10:46 AM

Hello friends,
I'm going to 6th grade!!
Here's my poem to express myself!!

I'm going to 6th grade...
I got all the books ready made!!
Now I got to cover them all!
Before I go to play with my ball!

The classes have not yet begun...
But I began to have fun!
I started to read my English Text book!
If you want you can take a look!

Now on April 1st
When my school opens..
I will run fast and
Jump over my fence!

Cross the road,
Get into the bus!
Its a new year for
All of us!

I have been studying in my school "The Indian High School , Dubai " for 8 years!
Though I'm only going to 6th I learnt two years for K.G.1 and K.G.2. over here!

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