Refreshing Riddles!!

10:01 AM

Hi friends,
Hope you enjoyed my poem on New Section Old friends!
Still not satisfied? Well here goes some Riddles !
See if you can answer them!
Post me the answer!

Q.1 - What is very quiet and explosive?
Hint:- It is very dangerous!

Q.2 - What did the crook who stole the calender get?
Hint:- Answer's best clue is in the question!

Q.3 - Who was the first underwater spy?
Hint :- Something to do with James Bond....!

Q.4 - What did the father phone say to the Son Phone?
Hint:- Not very common!

Q. 5 - Why was Cinderella kicked out of the soccer team?
Hint:- What happened at 12:00 midnight in Cinderella's real story?

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