Uncle Detective

1:30 PM

Hi everyone!
I am very sorry .. I was busy with a lot of things ..so I couldnt post in my blog!!!
Want to hear about a detective?
Here it is....

My uncle is a detective,
With eyes as sharp as an eagle!
He's there to solve any mystery..
With his nosy pet beagle...

You will find that he's famuous everywhere
In Antarctica or google
He works out everything easily
And hates all kinds of flapdoodle!

He is a really able detective
Doesn't miss a single clue
He is a really great mathematician
An excellent doctor too!

Just because he is a detective
A very a complicated one
You may think he is really strict
But he is a lot of fun!

He is the Sherlock Holmes of modern day
He figures the solution in every way...
I like my uncle very much
You can never find a detective as such!

Hope you all like it....

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