5:35 PM

We all have friends , But have we ever found out , Our true friends? Have we ever realised their value?
Here is a poem that will remind you of their value!!

She is there for you
When you are in trouble,
She reduces it...
Instead of making it double...

When there is happy news,
She is there by your side...
Multiplying it until ..
It spreads far and wide........

When sadness spreads,
She shares it truly...
Comforting us until..
Our sorrow has gone fully.....

But sometimes circumstances
Make us fight one another
But still true friends return...
Apologising to each other

Always be careful
While you choose your friend
False friends are there too...
But true friends are different..!!

First you may not talk...
Cause you differ in interests....
But later you will find that ..
They reflect yourself!!

But today the world,
Has changed completely,
Into a merciless place,
Not respecting , a single face...

Has the world forgotten that
True friends still remain?
Don't they want mercy anywhere,
In this world again?

Hope you all will like it!! :D

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