6:26 PM

Have you ever wondered, where your life will lead you? Well... With a Determined Soul.. and true hope you will succeed... You will reach your "DESTINY"....

With a nervous mind and shivering feet ,
A single step I took....
And entered a brand new life...
Like in a confusing Comic  book..

I crossed the Mediterranean Sea..
Even though it was vast for me..
But I fell down while climbing Mt.Everest
Although I tried my best...

I conquered only a very
Few things at first,
And I kept wondering and waiting,
For whatever was coming next...

But I lost my balance,
And fell into an endless pit
Soon I thought I was useless
For nothing I was fit...

But something told me to go on,
And I really tried my best....
Every hour - Night and Morn,
Without a moment to rest

And finally on a bright and brilliant day
When everyone had lost hope in me...
I had conquered all obstacles
I had reached my destiny....

Follow your dreams, Don't let them just float away.......

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